The Feather

Title Northern Lights Created in 2021 Style Abstract Medium Acrylic Colourful feather to help dreams fly high. Used swipe and knife to get the required effect.


Title Bliss Created in 2022 Style Realistic Medium Acrylic A wishful culmination of childhood memories – serene mountains, winter bonfires and destressing music added to the majestic auroras (bucket list). Can life get any better? 

Wave Tunnel

Title Surf Tunnel Created in 2021 Style Realistic Medium Acrylic Another one of ‘The Ocean’ series. Inspired by engulfing waves of despair and human nature to remain hopeful and find new beginnings amidst near destruction.

Surf Wave

Title Surf Wave Created in 2020 Style Realistic Medium Acrylic Part of ‘The Ocean’ series and man’s undying determination to conquer nature in every way possible despite our size in comparison, waves being just one of them. This painting was inspired by a video clip of a brave surfer (name unknown) successfully riding 2 Indian […]

The Oasis

Title The Oasis Created in 1999 Style Impressionism Medium Mix The skin of tiger grass stem was peeled, bundled and roasted to give them different shades for landscape, buildings, birds and well. The grassy tips were used for grass and palm leaves. The spongy stem center was used for clouds. Wax crayons gave light color […]

Horn of Plenty

Title Horn of Plenty Created in 2007 Style Symbolism Medium Water Colour Known as ‘Cornucopia’ in Latin – “cornu” means horn, and “copiae” means plenty. Traditionally symbolizing abundant harvest. Inspired by childhood memories of an old photograph on my grandparent’s dining room wall.  This is the 1st of the 3 versions.

At Peace with Nature

Title At Peace with Nature Created in 1988 Style Symbolism Medium Mix Experiment with wood and fabric.  Different layers of plywood for variation in shades. Carved and shredded as required and glued onto Buckram dyed black.

Swirling Spectrum​

Title Swirling Spectrum Created in 2020 Style Abstract Medium Acrylic Seamless continuum requires finding a way around the obstacles. 


Title Fall Created in 2020 Style Impressionism Medium Acrylic Exuberant colors of autumn, brighten up lonely paths.

Northern Lights

Title Northern Lights Created in 2020 Style Impressionism Medium Acrylic Nature is beautiful even in darkness, like Aurora, the Roman Goddess of dawn. Magical display when Sun and Earth join forces.